Sharing Kitchen HK is a non-governmental organization and a self-sustainable corporate that connects grassroots women, customers and local restaurants. Sharing Kitchen HK lobbied with restaurants and six of them promised to lend their kitchen which qualifies food production according to Food Safety Ordinance, Fire Service Ordinance and Buildings Ordinance to home cooks, Sharing Kitchen HK recruited to cook in restaurant kitchens when they are unused. Then, food produced by home cooks are sold in the restaurants which participating restaurants enjoyed raise of sales, hence mutually beneficial to home cooks and restaurants.

The organization has the social aim of practicing sharing economy and empowering women. The concept of sharing economy refers to an economic system based on ‘access to’ rather than ‘ownership of’ underused physical and human assets, including time, space, skills, and many more. The underused physical asset in this campaign would be restaurant kitchen and women’s food craftsmanship. To empower women from current exploitation of poor working environment and low wage, the campaign aims at providing choices for women to practice their talents and be autonomous of their life.

Source of info: HKCSS

photo credit: Sharing Kitchen Facebook