Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum (29 September 1936–3 April 2007), a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist in Hong Kong. Founder of Chinachem Group.

In 1988 Mr and Mrs Wang established a charitable foundation that would “give back to the society from which we take”, as Wang explained. The Chinachem Charitable Foundation is still an integral part of the Hong Kong community and continues to support those less fortunate.

From the founding of Chinachem, the late Chairman Madam Wang believed that to strive for all the world’s citizens means to strive for our strong motherland. This commitment to Hong Kong, to Greater China, and to the global community of which everyone is a part, remains the underlying philosophy of the group.

Causes Supported:
Elderly, Emergency Relief, Environment & Conservation, Health & Medicine,Poverty, Education

Source of Information:
Hong Kong Wen Wui Po Ltd
Hong Kong China News Agency

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