At the age of 30, Denise Ho (also named HOCC) has set up her HOCC Charity Fund with the aim of helping elderly and children. No matter how busy she is, she always spares time to help the people who are in need, with the use of the fund raised to reduce the burden of some poor families.

Being the founder of the charity fund, Ho wants to ensure every dollar given by donors is used properly. Every year she has hired auditor to help checking this account and make sure all expenses are clearly reported.
Ho also touched by fans who actively participated in volunteering, serving and helping people in need. Although HOCC Charity Fund was stated as a foundation who serves elderly and children, Ho has never set a rigid line on the serving target, yet she tries to help as many people as she can. She has also set up an educat. After helping the people who are recovered from mentally ill, she also set up an education fund which grant HKD250,000 each year to children from poor families.

Source : Yahoo!Blog

Photo Credit :  HOCC | FACEBOOK