The global amount of food wasted each year is an estimated 1.76 billion tons — that’s $750 billion in terms of economic loss, according to the United Nations.

A group of international masters students created “FoPo Food Powder”. The company collects cheap and near-expired produce and spray dries it into a powder to extend its shelf life for two years. They call it “taking dumpster diving to the next level.”

FoPo Food Powder’s goal is to become a vital component in ending world hunger.

The powder has three flavors: banana, raspberry and mango — but soon pineapple. It will retain about 30-80% of its nutritional value, according to the company, and can be sprinkled atop yogurt or ice cream, used in baking or blended into smoothies.

FoPo has been successful in a slew of startup summits and challenges, such as winning the Ben & Jerry’s Join Our Core crowdfunding for social change movement and placing runner-up for the Thought For Food Summit. FoPo is a current finalist for MassChallenge, which claims to be the largest startup accelerator.

Nutritionist Susan Tucker of Green Beat Life finds freeze-dried food to be great in situations such as camping, travel adventures and during famine or disasters. But she recommends people to get into the basics of understanding the natural shelf life of produce. Hopefully this product gets us another step.

This article is an excerpt and original writer is Kathleen Wong.

Source of Information: Mashable