Have you ever come across campaigns which asking people to “like” their post till the post received certain amount of “Like” before the action to be taken?

Here in Taiwan we have a RE-THINK who wants to let you know, “we don’t rely on the number of “like” to take action, we do what we think we need to do.”

RE-THINK (重新思考) is a non-profit campaign in Taiwan which operates with other foundations and organizations to bring about the following: to cultivate an environment that inspires people to take action to achieve healthy ecosystems; to teach children the importance of environment friendly practices through education programs; to advocate a single-use, non-biodegradable plastic bag ban; and to raise awareness in communities about coastal preservation, ecosystem protection, water quality and RE-THINK’s activities.

Daniel is the founder of RE-THINK. Coming all the way from Hawaii, born to be in love with nature, Daniel initiated and taught Environmental Science in his hometown, telling student things about Hawaii, about the original ecosystem …as seeing the natural environment is being destroyed is making him sad.

Daniel has been travelling all around the world, China, Japan, Thailand…and reached Taiwan after all. In one of his diving experiences, he realised that “when one is with the nature, it is not just about having fun, but also the responsibility towards our nature”. After so, he started taking actions to clean up the coasts with his hands. People were inspired by him and who later joined him to found RE-THINK.

So, don’t tell, SHOW! 

Blog: http://rethinktw.blogspot.tw

Facebook: Click here 

Photo: Re-think’s Facebook