A local wholesale food company donates the high quality “leftover” to local charity – Food Angel.

Mr. Lo Shu Kin, Manager of that wholesale food company, was inspired by another guy who distributes free meal boxes to those in need in Shum Shui Po, doing good by donating the unsold but edible high quality food stuffs to local charities.

Lo said, ‘On one hand, we are throwing away some 400 pieces of edible salmon’s and pawn’s heads every week, meanwhile, there are underprivileged people who can afford only 1 meal a day. It is ridiculous. We need to do something with it.’ With the boss’s support, the company bore the additional delivery cost and sent the food to local charity, Food Angel,  in order to support their meal box programme.

According to Food Angel, the donated food stuffs valued more that HKD8,000 and allowed their kitchen to prepare 500 meal boxes, but still, more food donation is needed.

It has been an old practice for food distributors to throw away the “lower” quality food straight to the bin. Lo would like to set an example for the food industry’s practitioners and to encourage them to donate surplus food to charities.

Less food is wasted, more tummies are filled. 

Translated from: Original article @ baby kingdom | Editor: Tsui Siu Ming |  2013/6/28

Photo: via CC search | http://bit.ly/19B6Zqz