“Food Grace” Food Recycling Scheme, which has been endeavouring to food recycling and waste reduction for the past years, appointed the renowned singer, Kay Tse as Food Grace Ambassador with the aim to spreading the attitude of cherishing food and raising public concern on food remains issue.

Being a vegetarian Kay is deeply concerned that 3600 tons of food remains being thrown to the landfills every day and the impact on the environment. “As the Food Grace Ambassador I wish to call for everyone’s help in tackling the problem on a personal level.” Kay said.

Moreover, to support the work of “Food Grace”, Kay appeals to citizens and different sectors for donations to Food Grace in the latest promotion video. “The funding of Food Grace will be running out soon and the operation will be threatened. It’s still unknown if it can continue its projects and works next year. I really hope that more people will support Food Grace so that it can continue to operate!”

Please visit the “Food Grace” facebook now, to keep an update the news of Kay, our Ambassador!

Become their monthly donor: http://foodrecyclinghk.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/donation_leaflet_brown.pdf

About Food Grace
Enquiry: 3972 5267 / [email protected]
Donation: 385-338561-668 (Hang Seng Bank)

Source & image: Food Grace