Going to school, in Hong Kong especially, is not appealing to students at all. The packed schedule of studies and extra-curriculum activities every day have been eventually eliminating the students’ passion in learning. In mid-July, nearly a hundred primary school students in Hong Kong have joined the GoDream 3-Day Camp organized by DreamStarter and DotAsia. Under the guidance of around 20 university students, the participants were asked to brainstorm a ‘dream school’.

Surprisingly, there are not as much primary school students who do not enjoy going to school as we expected. Students still enjoy having physical education, visual art lessons, etc., which they ‘do not have to sit properly in the classroom’ and they ‘can play’. If the entertaining elements can be added to tradition languages, mathematics and general studies lessons, more students would enjoy going to school.

During the 3-day ‘dreaming’ Camp, students can fully utilize their creativity to outline the blueprints of their own ‘dream schools’. On the third day, the participants had to make a pitch for their proposals, and the idea of the winning team would be delivered to the Education Bureau. Nevertheless, it is hoped that the Hong Kong education system can be adjusted and improved soon to solve the deep-rooted problems, and ultimately, to help students re-gain the passion of learning again.

Website: www.godream.asia

Contributor: Kapo Tsang