·         Food accounts for a third of all solid waste in Hong Kong
·         3,200 tonnes of food are sent to landfill every day, that is 120 double decker buses

·         The volume of food waste has doubled in the last 5 years
·         The remaining capacities of Hong Kong’s three landfills will be exhaust

·         Supermarkets dispose 29 tonnes of edible food per day

·         Compared with Taiwan and Korea, the food waste in Hong Kong reached 20 to 30% higher. The weight reached 0.47kg while 0.34kg and 0.3kg in Taiwan and Korea respectively.

Source: Environmental Protection DepartmentMingPao, Feeding HK,  Friends of the Earth (HK)

Image of flag: via CC | public-domain-image.com (HK) (TW) (South Korea)  , Feeding HK