Festive Season means Wastage? How to avoid irrational spending during sale season

Sale brings more consumption! Who can stay calm when all shops hanging their big sale tag during this festive season? As an ordinary man, how can we cool down this spending fever?

Think about the true environment cost behind your consumption! Think about how fast & cheap consumption living style affected worker’s life. The most important thing is … do you really need that product!

Check out your home, how many stuff are just sitting there and not in need.

The true meaning for the festive season is love and sharing. The happiness brought to you by your consumption is just an illusion.

During this festive season, you can organize Green Christmas & New year party with a theme of no wastage or to organize a potluck party with friends or family, to cook some low carbon dishes as well as to support the local farmers. If gifts are really in need, you can purchase your gifts from charity organizations, social enterprise or to support fair trade products.

Still can’t forget the big sale? The ultimate way is to keep a photo of any kid you like in your wallet or phone. Whenever you are tempting to do some crazy shopping, take out the photo and think about them. Do you want them to live in the future lacking of resources and having war all the time or do you want them to be able to enjoy sunlight and blue sky?


Low Carbon Party Idea

Food – Select local seasonal organic ingredients. Eat less meat and more veggies & fruits

Drink – Choose party size drinks instead of individual packing drinks or simply provide water and tea!

Utensil – Encourage the participants to bring their own utensils and say no to disposable product.

Food waste – Think about how much food you need and avoid cooking excess amount

Surplus food – Take leftover back home and create a new dish for next day meal.

Source: http://www.wwf.org.hk/?5781/Low-carbon-Party

Gift Idea



Photo Credit: http://www.hdwallpapersinn.com/christmas-sale.html