Two big fires happened during the past weekend:

–       A deadly wildfire raging in Arizona remains uncontained, as the 19 elite firefighters killed by the blaze were identified and mourned.

–       Chief fire officers have called for an urgent review of the use of Chinese or paper lanterns across the UK after evidence emerged of one causing a blaze at a plastics recycling plant in which 10 firefighters were injured.

We cannot avoid natural disaster (but climate change caused extreme weather, like heatwave is something human should bear the responsibility), we definitely can avoid some man-made factors that cause fire.

Chinese lanterns (paper lanterns) had been causing serious fire for many decades across the globe. In fact, there is a very long tradition for lighting up a paper lantern to pray for good luck in many cultures, like China, Taiwan, Thailand, Mexico and Poland. In Hong Kong and Singapore, paper lanterns are prohibited and Australia also banned paper lanterns after a serious accident. However, people still lighting up their lanterns secretly and selfishly. Most of them believe they can avoid accident because they are doing it very safely. Yet they have forgotten that the nature and meaning of accident is something you cannot avoid or control.

BBC News