[News Highlight] 

  • Local governments cancelled their annual dinners because the Central government urges to cease food waste. Some cities encourage customers to take away left-over food by offering cash rebate.
  • “GuangPan” Action (finish up your plate action) was led by local NGOs which are to encourage the Chinese to take away left-over food and empty the plate.
  • In Beijing, 700 restaurants offered half or small portion dishes in order to support the anti-food-waste campaign.
  • According to the China Agricultural University, China had wasted 8 million ton of food protein between 2007 and 2008 which is the annual need for over 200 million people; The Chinese also waste 3 million ton of fat which is the annual need for over 100 million people.   
  • Over 50 billion food was wasted annually over China solely from restaurant industry which is 10% of the total food production. The food waste from all sorts of canteen can raised at least 30 million people while food wasted from household can feed up to 15 million people. 

Source: MingPao, Yahoo News
Photo: Tencent