Green and sustainability has become a new trend for years. Many people talk about food waste recycling,  yet, the smell that comes along with the food waste could be disgusting.

Cheung Chau Island Women’s Association has started a food waste management project called Food Recycle Land since 2008, which successfully drawn public awareness with great level of involvement by the local community – over 180 families with 250kg food waste being collected everyday.
The idea of the Food Recycle Land is to implement food waste recovery in Cheung Chau by setting up a composter, and promote the use of compost in the community. The Association has purchased two food recycling machines which can process 100kg of food waste everyday, will not produce unfavourable smell during the recycle process, meanwhile, turn food waste into fertilisers and use them back to the local farms.
Start with zero, the project was started with some 40 families and now, with more than 300 families in Cheung Chau have participated! They even own a little garden which allows people to have a chance to grow their own plants. The Association is not only working with households but also bringing the message into schools and elderly centres.  And the next step: rooftop garden.

Source: Hong Kong Headline