Alfred Cheung Kin-ting is a producer, scriptwriter, actor and director in Hong Kong movie industry. Cheung has been a scriptwriter since 1981, with THE STORY OF WOO VIET and FATHER & SON being two of his most acclaimed. In 1983, he took the dual role of scriptwriter and director for the film LET’S MAKE LAUGHT, which won him the Best Screenplay in Hong Kong Film Awards. Over the years, Cheung has developed comedy with excellent success. Having been devoted to movie industry for more than 20 years, Cheung has created more than 60 films in his capacity.

Cheung has suffered from depression and recovered. He is generous to share his experience and helping others to get to know more about Mood Disorders, so as to arise public attentions and eliminate any bias or misunderstanding of Mood Disorders by the public.

Cheung received support from Plan (previously named Foster Parents Plan) until he was fifteen and was given monthly donations from his sponsor. Today, he thinks it’s our turn to pass on the love and fortune to the children who are in need. He is now the ambassador of Plan, and has also become the first sponsor of Plan Hong Kong with 3 sponsored children.

Causes Supported:
Arts & Culture, Children & Youth, Emergency Relief, Health & Medicine, Poverty, Education

Source of Information:
Plan International
Equal Opportunities Commission

Photo Credit: HKIED