Fast Forward is a documentary series from Discovery’s Planet Green that introduces viewers to thirteen passionate environmentalists who have a vision to change the world and follows these revolutionaries as they implement their plans and work to ensure a healthier Earth and a better future for all of us. There’s no easy solution to the environmental problems facing the world today, and if we expect to see real change any time soon it will take concentrated efforts by dedicated people in many different areas in need of reform. In one episode, former NFL star Tiki Barber explains his plan to foster an appreciation for the environment among the youth of today. In another installment, actor Matthew Modine attempts to get the whole world to ride a bicycle for one day, a simple act that would greatly reduce our carbon footprint while drastically increasing personal fitness. Other visionaries to appear in this series include Venus Williams, Michael Reynolds, Maya Lin, El Hijo Del Santo, Sir Richard Branson, Nell Newman, and Leilani Munter.

Video and Photo from: Planet Green,

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