Previously a contract artiste in TVB, Yu Mo-lin has been involved in a great number of films and television series. The society is highly attracted to her thanks to her low-profile but heartfelt contribution as a voluntary worker and the generous donation of her pension for the construction of a primary school in a remote area of the Mainland.

Not having received any education due to the separation of her parents during her childhood, Yu left Guangzhou for Hong Kong and was an usher before her career in the local entertainment industry. A life without easy times, children and luxurious desires eventually inspires her to do something meaningful to show the importance of receiving education after her retirement in 2006. Finally all of her pension goes to the establishment of Yu Mo Lin Hope Primary School in a mountainous area of Ashi Town, Bijie City, Guizhou Province. The school, which starts its operation in 2006 as well, is the hopeful harvest for the children in Guizhou with her seeds of personal regret.

Yu has never stopped her voluntary work after saying farewell to her showbiz. Recently, she always works for the elderly and the artiste groups, and has been an ambassador for World Vision’s campaign 8-Hour Elderly Famine.

Causes Supported:
Children & Youth,Poverty, Education

Source of Information:
A Programme Video of TVB
Apple Daily News

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