Every week dozens of women, and a few men, gather inside Faith Westwood United Methodist Church to do something that may seem strange to most. The group collects, sorts, de-wrinkles, and smooths out plastic grocery bags. The bags are a common item many people may consider trash, but this group puts them to good use.

The group weaves them into sturdy, and rather comfortable mats that are delivered to homeless shelters throughout the winter. So often, the homeless shelters in the metro are filled to capacity and people are forced to sleep on the floor. Rather than sleeping on cold concrete, these mats provide some comfort to those who need it most.

It takes more than 1,000 plastic bags to make one mat. Hundreds have been made, but one woman can lay claim to more than anyone else. Jones became known as the “plastic bag weaving” pro. “They tell me I’ve done 248. I don’t keep track,” she told WOWT 6 News. It’s no surprise she’s humble, considering for her, it’s second nature. Marilynn Learned to quilt 70 years ago. The first afghan she ever made, with the help of her grandmother, hangs in her home.

It takes a lot of people weeks to make one bag. Marilyn usually knocks out 2 every week. “I started this one at 11:30 this morning and I’ll be done with it before I go to bed tonight. Not only does it fill a void in her heart, but more importantly blessing hundreds of others at the same time.

The church, located at 4814 Oaks Lane in Omaha, is always collecting bags. There is a drop off bin inside the church. The mats are donated to homeless shelters throughout the metro, including Sienna-Francis House

Source: WOWT News