Organization: Vision Youth Action Taiwan

Details: During your time in Sadhana Forest, some of the environmentally sustainable work the volunteers may be doing is:

  1. Water conservation
  2. Working in our organic garden
  3. Composting (either food or toilets)
  4. They will also participate in keeping our community running. Working in the kitchen, first aid, compound watering.
  5. Volunteers mainly plant, mulch and water trees according to season, work in our little vegan‐organic vegetable garden, maintain the community area, and spend time with the community kids

Background: Our main project is the reforestation of 70 acres of severely eroded land. We are working to re‐create the Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest indigenous to our area. This forest type is found only in Southern India and Sri Lanka and provides a rare biological richness due to its very high species abundance (over 1000 species of trees, shrubbery, and liana). The Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest is now close to total extinction as only 0.01% survives. This is a last moment effort to keep this very rich and beautiful Forest on earth.

Duration: January to December 2012(at least two weeks)

Deadline of application: 1 month before the trip

Website: Click Here

Nature: Workcamp

Region: Asia/International

Source of Information: Website of VYA TAIWAN