Have you tried out sustainable food cooking, Green Monday, or Think.Eat.Save ideas?

The green slow-food movement has taken the world by storm, there has been a growing demand for healthy food.

The Food and Wine Academy is pleased to partner with Go.Asia and have invited Chef Christian G. Mongendre, founder of MANA! Fast Slow Food, whose motto is ‘eat like it matters’.

Specializes in organic, vegan and raw food, with many gluten-free options, not only has it created a much-needed healthy haven, but equally tasty and trendy for the city.

During this workshop, over 30 students learnt sustainable food cooking in both a health and an environmental sense with freshest ingredients from Homegrown Foods:

Green Leaf & Roasted Veggie Salad
-Cooked vegetables with Japanese Pumpkin, Tomato Cherry, Eggplant, Zuchini Green are low in calories and rich in fibers. This colourful earthy salad is superbly offset by a creamy tahini dressing. Tahini is a wonderful way of adding extra calcium, protein and omega 3 fats to your diet

Green Juice
-This tasty gluten-free juice with Kale, Celery, Apple contains antioxidants which is extremely beneficial in improving our health

All food lovers, learn to cook nutritious meals for health benefits!

Source & Photo: The Food and Wine Academy, School of Hotel and Tourism Management, PolyU