Organization: SEEDS Iceland

Detail: Our tasks in this project will mainly be connected with taking care of the land around the monastery and include renovation and restoration of its ruins. We will be beautifying the area, constructing stone walls and laying sod. Other tasks might include making and fixing walking paths, gardening works nearby the monastery and the place where we will be accommodated.

Background: We will be working at the archaeological site Skriðuklaustur (e. The monastery at Skriða), the project started in 2002 and its aim is to investigate, through an archaeological excavation, the monastery that operated on the farmstead Skriða in Fljótsdalur Valley, East Iceland, during the period from 1493 to the Reformation in 1550.

Duration: 23.07.2012  03.08.2012

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Nature: Hands-on

Region: Iceland / International

Source of Information: SEEDS’s website