Organization: Dialogue Experience


The theme for Concert in the Dark 2016 is “Transformation”.People Mountain People Sea will again take the lead with Creative Directors Yu Yat Yiu and Eman Lam, Music Director GaybirdLeung, and Hong Kong’stop scriptwriter Wong Wing Sze (winnerof the Best Screenwriter and Best Script). The concert will be led by a stage managementteam of visually impaired professionals, with singers and group including Julian Cheung ChiLamAnthonyWong, Miriam Yeung, Pakho ChauChet Lam, Eman LamJoyce Cheng, C AllStar, Sherman Chungand Sukie Chung. Voice Performance Artists will be Karena Lam and Neo Yau Hawk Sau with Voice Navigator Alton Yue. Together they will bring you to a totally dark world where you will courageously face your past and transform to the better. Pure voice and sound will sing out the fleeting moments of life and from there we can get to know how it feels like to be visually impaired.

Proceeds from Concert in the Dark 2016 ticket sales, after deducting expenses, will benefit Dialogue in the Dark (HK) Foundation to support visually impaired persons and people with all disabilities to take professionally recognized courses and assist them in setting up their own businesses, career development and live independently.


Concert in the Dark, the world’s first concert organized by the visually impaired and held in complete darkness, have been receiving raving reviews over the years. Its success represents unlimited creativity, social inclusion and a unique experience, where in complete darkness, the visually impaired swaps places with its audience. As organized by Dialogue Experience and co-organized by People Mountain People Sea, Concert in the Dark 2016 is entering its sixth year in HK.


Duration: 24(Premiere Show),  25-28 August 2016

Location: Rotunda 3, 6/F., Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre (KITEC)

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Nature:  Fund raising

Region:  Hong Kong

Source of Information: Dialogue Experience