Funded by Hong Kong Jockey Club, Senior Citizen Home Safety Association set up “Life Journey Centre” ,  Asia’s first interactive experience for participants to have reflection on the concept of “Young” and “Old” via a time travelling journey. When all of us are going through the same life journey, participants would be projected a positive views on life and ageing.

Upon advanced appointment for various groups of touring, visitors will go through a 60-minute innovative and interactive “time tunnel” journey in 4 zones, covering 4 stages “Birth – Growth – Ageing – Death” in life.  Going through each zone with multi-media exhibits, demonstrations, audio and visual effects designed by the specialists of Game Design and Development of Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design, participants are able to accept being old and become treasure time, and have empathy and respect for the elderly. Besides the existing programs, further tailor-made workshops about Life education are also welcome for corporate or special collaborations.

This Life Journey concept and content of the Centre relied widely support from different sectors of the community along the years.  Furthermore, the Centre proudly  won the Best Digital Inclusion Bronze Award & Special Award for Most Innovative Service of the Hong Kong ICT Awards in 2015.  As of September 2017, nearly 40,000 visitors participated programmes in the Life Journey Centre.

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Application for touring:  (Group tour can be arranged in either Cantonese, Mandarin and English upon request)

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