Being the former president of 20th Century Fox, Scott Neeson had once lived a lavish lifestyle – partying with renowned film stars, flying in private jets and owning a $3.5 million house in Beverly Hill.

In 2003, a five week trip to Cambodia has changed his perspective towards life drastically. The experience of seeing children scavenging like rats on Phnom Penh’s notorious garbage tip remained in the back of his mind after he went back to LA and started his new job in Sony Pictures.

One year later, he quit his high-paying job, sold his Porsche, his boat and his big house in order to contribute whole-heartedly in the charity – Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) he set up at Phnom Penh. CCF which relies on fundraising, child sponsorship is now of great significance in offering medical services, providing education and protection for almost 2000 impoverished children in Cambodia for the past ten years.

Photo: Scott Neeson Facebook