Are you full?

Per Johansen‘s pictorial universe is an emblem of the abundance of prosperity. “MÆT” (eng. “FULL”) explicitly circles around the subject of transience; imbalances are present and the photographs are marked by a socially critical observation. The works comment on the zeitgeist’ artificial overconsumption of products and points to contemporary consumer mentality.
The works generate a relevant discussion, reminiscent of 1970s social criticism and ideological points – to deconstruct the system. This social criticism is not present today.

“MÆT” consists of reproductions of meat, vegetables, pasta and other foods which are claustrophobically placed in various synthetic plastic containers.

At first glance, the viewer is drawn by something seemingly aesthetic in perfect harmony, like sausage, chicken and fish, but if you take a closer look, the motifs are marked by something decadent, disgusting and incarcerated. Something is in decay, and it disturbs the harmonious balance. A kind of optical illusion “trompe l’oeil” is seemingly at play, and it flirts with the conventions of what you think you see at first glance.




Nowadays, prosperous countries and consumer society gorge on vast amounts of nutrients, where genetically engineered food, e-numbers and pesticides are utilized to promote the global and lucrative food industry sales statistics, while an increasing number of consumers have to undergo obesity surgery or get psychiatric help. What is your food consumption like? Are you full now?

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