Andy Ho, a 25-year-old talented young chef who is working in a 5 stars hotel was inspired by world-renowned genius chef Jamie Oliver spending his leisure time to teach young hermits cooking skills at a local community center.

He started his career at his age 17 and was first helping to clean dishes only. After eight years extremely hard working life, he is now a station chef and waiting his chance to go to France to pursue advanced studies of culinary skills.

Andy started to teach cooking at the Hong Kong Christian Service around half year ago. After spending more time with the young hermits, he hopes to inspire them with food and cooking skills.

He designed very simple dishes to give the sense of fulfillment to the students, from hamburger, Carbonara to rum chocolate. Kids started to love his course!

“They used to be very quiet and gave me no response but now they are happily cooking with me.” Andy said. Andy has 30 apprentices now and five of them apply for formal cooking course.

Source: Apple Daily