Organization: St. Jame’s Settlement
Introduction: St. Jame’s Settlement is a multi-social service agency which provides high quality comprehensive services to meet the diverse needs of our society, to enable the individuals to help themselves and to help others, and to build an integrated and harmonious community.  It serves the community and the needy, including kids, youngsters, families, street sleepers, mentally retarded people, and the elderly.  The organization provides both community support and residential care, from healthy to disabled persons’ services.  It promises to closely monitor the social service development outside of Hong Kong to enable mutual learning and to explore opportunities for joint venture.
Year of Establishment: 1949
Leading Campaigns: “People’s Food Bank”, “Grant-in-aid Brightens Children’s Lives” Charity Project, “Home Repair and Maintenance Services”, “Donation of Electrical Appliances”, “Funeral Navigation Service”, “Pharmaceutical Care Service for Patients Project”, “Sky High Creative Partners”, “Ark Life Education House”
Service: Relief of poor people
Region: Hong Kong
Source: St. Jame’s Settlement’s website