Organization: VolTra
Introduction:  VolTra is dedicated to promote international voluntary services in Hong Kong through a well-established worldwide network of internationalworkcamp organizations.  VolTra combines the power of “”volunteerism”” and the cultural exchange during “”travel””. Volunteerism can bring positive changes to the world in cultural, educational, environmental and social aspects as well as achieve community’s sustainable development. Intercultural exchange can broaden individuals’ horizons and thoughts to achieve personal growth and development. In this connection, VolTra targets to link Hong Kong people with the world through volunteering in order to promote world peace and global citizenship.
VolTra together with other international workcamp organizations all over the world provide over 3,000 international workcamps and voluntary service projects every year in more than 100 countries. At the same time, VolTra also organizes international workcamps in Hong Kong for both local and overseas volunteers to participate in the voluntary services and cultural exchange activities in Hong Kong.
Year of Establishment: 2009
Leading Campaigns: International Workcamps
Service: Promoting volunteerism
Region: Hong Kong
Source: VolTra ‘s website