Nancy Sit, a renowned Hong Kong actress, is famous for her cheerful and positive image. Sit made a major come back by playing the legendary Leung Yun Ho in the popular television sitcom, KINDRED SPIRIT. She continued to score hits in various drama series such as RETURN OF THE CUCKOO, VIRTUES OF HARMONY and SILVER CHAMBER OF SORROWS, etc., which have become television classics.

Besides being a popular television icon, Sit focuses her energies on philanthropic interests and community services. In 2002, she made use of her signature brand “Mama Nancy” to create and publish a series of electronic books and hosted a complementary children television programme promoting better parent-child relation. Sit was invited to become ambassadors for causes ranging from equal opportunities, to mental health, environment protection, road safety, and crime prevention. She is the first actress in Hong Kong to receive the Medal of Honour presented by the HKSAR Government.

Causes Supported:
Children & Youth, Elderly, Emergency Relief, Environment & Conservation, Family & Communities, Health & Medicine, Poverty, Religion, Education

Source of Information:
Equal Opportunities Commission

Photo Credit:
Nancy Sit’s  fan site