Even though the organic farming has become a hit trend in town, most organic farmlands were located over New Territories or Islands, it is relatively rare in urban areas. Till some years ago, LCSD has dedicated an open space right in front of Ap Lei Chau Municipal Services Building for local organic farming, where Maple starts to develop her little wonder-green-land.

Maple believes that the reward of being an organic farmer is something intangible.  It is not about how many farm products have been produced, but its is all about the process, about the experience, about the way of knowledge development, and more important, to treasure what we eat.

Some people said back-to-farmland can be a good option for retired people, which allows them to focus on something. Some also claimed the healing power of nature is more effective than any school of psychotherapy, so more and more emotional disease and psychiatric rehabilitation organisations have established the organic farm for the needy.

Source: MetroPop

Photo: MetroPop