Organization: SEEDS Iceland

Detail: The environmental work will consist of collecting drift wood on the beach, cleaning the coast line and the road sides, marking hiking paths, taking care of popular spots which need to be tendered before the busy summer season, when most of the travellers visit the area.

We will work on maintaining an old stone sheep gathering corral and assist the reconstruction of turf houses, a potato storage hut and a shelter used to smoke meat and fish. We will have the chance to build, construct houses & other facilities in the way it was done in Iceland for centuries.

Background: For the third year in a row we offer this unique project that gives SEEDS volunteers the opportunity to work in very diverse tasks; assisting in a local Icelandic farm, doing construction, renovation, environmental work and helping with traditional farming. The project takes place in an agricultural area in the South of Iceland which is rich in both, culture and history.

Duration: 10.09.2012  24.09.2012

Website: Click Here

Nature: Hands-on

Region: Iceland / International

Source of Information: SEEDS’s website