“Dear friends, I wish to receive as many birthday wish as possible this year! For every “Happy Birthday” I received, I will donate $ 10 for the charity.”

In 2010, Karena has a special and meaningful birthday. She has initiated a fund raising campaign on facebook in order to raise fund for LLCS(Hong Kong) in the use of building water cellars in rural china.

Karena said, ” Don’t take it for grant for things that we have. We think it is a must to have fresh water whenever we turn on the water tap, yet,  the reality is, not everyone in this earth can enjoy water. We have to treasure all resources we have, and cherish the people around us. I will be more than happy if more people follow what i did,say helping people in needs by initiate a fund raising campaign on their birthdays. It would be great! ”

Source :
Karena Lam Official Website

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china campus