Every year Jerry Yan will receive many blessing from his fans around the world on his birthday. His fans will also make donation to charities in different countries, or adopt children, on behalf of Jerry. They see this as a way to spread love.

Jerry is really touched by his fans. Like, his fans from Hong Kong regularly make donations to World Vision. To date, they have donated up to HKD500,000 and adopted 33 children. Other fans also donate under Jerry’s name to other charities, including UNICEF, Orbis, TW Red Cross, NHK Relief Fund, sending blanket to Thailand, stationery and candies to kids in remote districts, etc.

In 2003, his fans funded for the hope school project in Inner Mongolia and Chongqing. They donated furniture to the schools, and invited the students to draw a birthday card to Jerry. Jerry likes the cards very much. He is so proud to have so many generous and kind fans who do not only care so much about him, but also spread love to people who need help.

Source: Jerry Yan Official Fanclub
Photo Credit: Jerry Yan official website