Using natural handcrafted soap does not only protect our skin, but also protect our environment at the same time.

We can be absolutely sure that the soap we use is safe and we know what is inside the product. All the soaps in Botanical Bodycare meet these strict minimum requirements: No soap contains petroleum or artificial colors, no soap is tested on animals, no foaming agents added. There is no sodium, sodium cocoate, sodium laurel sulfate or any other harsh chemicals. Our soap is free of detergents.

Botanical Bodycare’s products are all locally manufactured with regular quality check, which ensure to minimize the carbon footprint that created throughout their supply chain as well as to ensure the quality of their products. They love to interact with customers and to share their GREEN ideas with them. If you want to know more about them, apart from visiting their website, you may also find them at Mei Foo Farmer Market on every Sunday.

Address:Mei Foo Farmer Market (Only on Sunday)
Phone:2479 7033
Email:[email protected]

Source:  Botanical Bodycare facebook唔幫襯地產商的聖誕 facebook
Image:  Botanical Bodycare facebook 

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