Huang makes use of the live-chat function of Weibo to connect all his fans around the world to celebrate his birthday, which does not only allow him to have instant interaction with his fans, but also allow more people to know is life via Weibo.

Huang, likes many others, has spotted the potential of Weibo –  the incredible speed of spreading information, and makes use of this special feature, together with the influential power of celebrity, to do charities. In recent years, Huang has initiated numerous charitable activities via weibo and helped many people. He has once helped a parent who lost his child by leaving a “missing person note” on his Weibo everyday till the child was found.  Huang said, ‘ Weibo is more than it means literally. (In chinese, the ‘wei’ of Weibo means ‘tiny’, ‘not important’ )

Source: Sina Beijing

Photo Credit : huangxiaoming international official website