Founded by Jamie Oliver Foundation and organised by Go.Asia in Hong Kong, this year the 5th Food Revolution Day(FRD) celebration  was held on May 20 at Evangel College, Hong Kong.  We were pleased to have Mr. Ronald Cheng and Ms. Sammie Yu joined us with 150 students for a special FRD  luncheon, i.e. making a healthy Green Salad with Miso & Plum Sauce on their own.

As the key campaign of  Food Revolution Asia this year,  the “FRD Cooking Challenge” is a recipe sharing campaign started from May 1 to 30 which had generated overwhelming response among cook lovers via their social media platforms.  Selected recipes will be posted on official website ( for public sharing soon. As parents of 2 kids, both Ronald and Sammie agree with  Jamie Oliver’s vision and that’s why they showed their support towards FRD at no cost. “Cooking with kids had a lot of fun, especially leading 150 students at once for this “shake shake salad”. Ronald described FRD is a meaningful campaign especially for parents who are concerned with the balance between food & health of children. And Sammie enjoyed cooking with children in daily life and believed in the “eat the rainbow” concept which is appealing for kids too. At the end, our special guest “Ajitora”, ambassador of  WWF TX2 program joined us together and spread the message to cheer up HK students.