Soap is one of the most common commodities in our daily life. However children in the north of Thailand have never used them before.

According to WHO, there are more than 2 millions children died of pneumonia and diarrhea annually. In fact, the easiest way to prevent these diseases is by washing hands with soaps. However, soap cannot reach most people in the developing countries including India.

Erin Zaikis witnessed the situation and therefore determined to set up a non-profitable organization called Sundara which aims at improving the hygiene in India, Uganda, Myanmar and other poor cities. They gather, sterilize and process the to-be-thrown-away soaps from hotels and then distribute them to local schools and community centres. This project not only can reduce the amount of solid waste produced by soaps that goes up to more than one billion annually, it also provides job opportunities to local women. They are trained to be hygiene ambassadors to teach the community the correct way to wash hands and the correct hygiene concept. This help to increase public health awareness in the society.

Source: Social Enterprise Insights