Food waste imposes a heavy burden on our landfills in Hong Kong as it accounts for about 40% of total waste disposed of in landfills. Up till 2011, there’s an avereage of  3,500 tons food waste  dropped over the landfills EVERYDAY.

Years ago the HKSAR government planned to establish the food waste factory over Lamma Island, yet the plan has been called off.  The Government has recently launched the “Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign” to mobilise the public as well as the industrial and commercial sectors to reduce food waste. They aim to build modern facilities in phases for recovery of organic waste so that it can be converted into energy, compost and other products.

Yet, experienced food waste management organizations wonder the government didn’t realize the core problem of the entire food waste issue. The policy is just some random act without a real waste reduction blueprint.

Source: inmedia 

Photo:  skypost