Organisation: DotAsia Organisation & NetMission.Asia

Title Sponsor: Microsoft 

Detail: Since 2009, NetMisssion Ambassadors have been devoted to promote harmonious Internet development by attending  United Nation’s Internet Governance Forum annually. This group of ambassadors are committed to encourage teenagers across Asia to engage themselves and even express their views on behalf of Internet users  in the Internet Governance Discussion. Coming to the 11th United Nations IGF in 2016, the “Youth Internet Governance Forum Hong Kong (HKYIGF)” Program is firstly introduced with fully support by Microsoft Hong Kong,  which aims to:-

1. Provide mass education about Internet Governance for high school students in HK

2. Engage them to take part in global discussion as digital citizens

3. Facilitate them to build up a sense of belonging in digital society

4. Strengthen their understanding about the right and responsibilities of being a “Netizen” with mutual respect to internet users

In December 2016, elected Youth representatives will attend the 11th United Nations Internet Governance Forum  in Mexico to exchange views on Internet Governance Issues with stakeholders from different part of the world.

Content of “Youth Internet Governance Forum Hong Kong (HKYIGF)” program 2016 

1) Netizens Seminar 2) Internet Governance Training Camp 3) Youth Internet Summit
Date: 2016.06.25 (Sat)Time: 2 pm – 6 pmVenue: LT7, Yasumoto International Academic Park, Chinese University of Hong Kong Date: 2016.07.08-10 (Fri-Sun)Venue and Accommodation:
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Date: 2016.07.16 (Sat)Time: 2 pm – 6 pmVenue: Room 502, 5/F, BGCA Headquarters, 3 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Outstanding participants of the program will be elected to represent youth from Hong Kong to attend United Nations Internet Governance Forum in Mexico from 6 – 9 Dec 2016 (Detailed schedule to be determined by United Nations), with full sponsorship (including return tickets, travel, meal and accommodation).

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