Organization: Institute For Integrated Rural Development, Hong Kong

Details: The Institute aim to improve the living standard of the population in China’s rural areas, increasing their ability to development along the way.

The institute is planning to develop more programs to help alleviate poverty in the rural area of Huhnan and Guizhou and they need your help. Join one of the following volunteer teams to find out more and help!

Rural School Life Team:Provide ideas to can help rural school improve their diet, hygiene, health, dorm life, health education, personal hygiene habits and etc. And manage them in the process. This will help the rural kids grow up with an improved physical and mental health.

Rural Elderly Service Team: From planning, management, supervision to encouragement, you can help rural areas establish elderly community service center. This would provide them with a venue for exercise and leisure activities, giving them the care and health education that they need.

Rural Student Team: Using your ability to promote, organize activities that promotes the bursary program that support these rural students in Hong Kong. Persuade more people to enter the program so that the rural students can benefit from the monetary aid, alleviating their family’s financial burden. At the same time, you will provide aids other than monetary ones, this includes contacting them from time to time, assist them to build a support network. Putting power of support between them to its full potential.

Promotion and Fundraising Team: Using your ability of persuasion, organize a series of promotion and fundraising events in Hong Kong. It will allow the people around you to become aware of the problems that rural areas are facing, donate to the institute, or even join the volunteer team.

Administrative Assistance Team: Support the institute’s daily administrative work. For example, organization of documents, update of website and more.

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For more information go to Institute For Integrated Rural Development, Hong Kong and the site for Bursary Program