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SIE Fund and jointly organise the SI (Social Innovation) CEO Competition with the theme “Tackling Poverty Problems with Social Innovation”.
The Competition comprises experiential programmes, talk and the contest, with the objectives of enhancing understanding of “poverty relief” and “social innovation”, inspiring innovative ideas and actions to tackle social and poverty problems and nurturing capability in social entrepreneurship among students.

Basing on one, or more than one of the sub-themes below, participating teams should develop an innovative solution to social issue and formulate a business proposal. Three sub-themes include:

– Care for Elderly
– Food Support
– Social Inclusion

The five finalist teams for the SI CEO Competition are now ready! While the ultimate winner will only be decided in the Final Pitching on 22 April, your vote counts for the “Most Liked Award” and also a chance to win a prize for yourself!

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Source of Information: SIE Fund Beyond Innovation