Organisation: China Education Association, HKUSU

Details :

Participants are required to form a group of 2-4 to carry about 3 kilograms crops including sweet potatoes and vegetables. The race starts in Aberdeen Country Park, passing through Wan Chai Gap and Aberdeen reservoir, and finally returning to Aberdeen Country park.

Through the 10-km race, not only can you experience the hardship of underprivileged students in mountainous China, carrying crops back and forth between mountains and villages, but you can also raise funds to ease their financial burden.

Date: 6th November 2016 (SUNDAY)

Venue: Aberdeen Country Park

Call Time: 10:00 am
Start Time: 11:00 am
Finish Time: 15:00 pm

1. Explorer – Easy route of 8 km long, suitable for families with kids who would like have a taste of the hardship of
students. No awards are set for this category.
2. Challenger – Difficult route of 10 km long, targeting at keen and experienced hikers. They can have a deeper experience
of the plight of poor students and peasants in China. Awards are set for outstanding challengers.

Proceeds of the event will be used to subsidise underprivileged senior high school students in Jianhe County, Guizhou Province.

***Entrance fee: $160 per person*

***DEADLINE: 17th October 2016

Application: Click here