Organisation: Fullness Social Enterprises Society (FSES)


“Tithe Consumption” promotes the ‘action brings changes’ concept. This campaign aims to encourage socially conscientious citizens to allocate one-tenth of their monthly disposable spending on equally good quality products and services rendered by socially responsible operators, including social enterprises and fair trade.

“Tithe Consumption” does not mean spending more but it is a decision to ‘Swap for Good’. Your spending decision can give you good quality products and services but you are also pursuing a good cause. As patrons of this campaign, your total purchase spending at these shops will be a testimony to how Hong Kong people can help to build a more responsible society. For some social enterprises in Hong Kong, for every $100 achieved as turnover, about $10-20 is spent on the salaries for the socially disadvantaged. As for Fairtrade product sale, for every $100 achieved, about $2-6 will reach the farmers in the developing countries or areas.

Promotion Period: Oct 9 to Dec 31, 2016

Website: Click Here