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About SocTech: SocTech is the abbreviation of Social Technology, also a new initiative of Information Technology Resource Centre, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service.


SocTalk Series – Session 6 – The Journey between real & virtual: Enlightenment of AR/VR Techonologies for Social Service Sector (Day 1)

VR ( virtual reality ) and AR ( Augmented Reality ) will be widely used in future life. In 2016, the global shipments of VR devices will reach 9.6 million.
However, VR / AR technology not only contribute to gaming devices, but also social services . For example ,VR / AR devices can offer people with disabilities  to experience new things in a  safe environment. In addition, it provides an ideal teaching space and manufactures different training modes for people with special needs to equip with relevant skills in the community.

How can the social welfare sector make the VR / AR related technologies in Hong Kong?

Given by Joint venture by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks, this SocTalk session will explain the VR / AR trends and applications , including advisory services , programs and equipment development, application programs and Case Sharing :

● Adventvr Limited
● Joy Aether Limited
● Parallax Technologies Limited
● PowerMew Technology Limited
● Realmax Technology Limited

Date:Sept 9 , 2016 (Fri)
Time:2 – 5pm
Venue:Conference Hall 01 & 02, G/F, Core Building, Hong Kong Science Park
Admission Fee:Free of Charge

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