Organization: International Culture Youth Exchange (ICYE)

Detail: The concentration for volunteers would lie mainly on interacting with and helping the children on various levels: helping staff members in assisting the children with rehabilitation, organizing sports and / or extracurricular activities. Further help could be the teaching of English classes to staff members and if possible, to the children. The centre will start an organic farming programme soon where volunteers would also be able to lend a hand.

Background: Founded in 1976, Thuy An Centre primarily opened its doors to disabled children of Vietnam veterans, their disabilities often being the results of the side effects caused by the U.S military’s spraying of ‘Agent Orange’ during the US-Vietnam war. Over time, however, the centre has started to render its services to all disabled children.

Duration: Minimum: 2 weeks; Maximum: 16 weeks

Website: Click Here

Nature: Hands-on

Region: Vietnam/ International

Source of Information: ICYE’s website