Organization: Feeding HK

Detail: Every Tuesday and Thursday night, there’s a run with a difference taking place in HK – a run that ensures surplus bread is collected and redistributed to help those in need, rather than thrown in the bin.
Join the Bread Run and help us bridge the gap between hunger and food waste in Hong Kong. Simply click on the link below to see the list of participating bakeries and register as a Bread Runner!

Coming week’s opportunities for registration: 

1. The FHK x Bayer HealthCare Bread Run – Jul 11, 2017, Tue (URGENT NEED)

2. The FHK x FoodSport Bread Run – July 13, 2017  Thu (URGENT NEED)

3. The FHK x Mandela Day Bread Run – July 18, 2017  Tue (URGENT NEED)

4. The FHK x Nomura Bread Run – July 20, 2017 Thu

Nature: Hands-on

Website: The Bread Run – Feeding Hong Kong

Region: Hong Kong

Source of Information: Feeding Hong Kong

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