Malaysian researchers from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), comprised of 5 lecturers and 15 students, has created an organic-based biopesticide from local plants.

According to their project leader, Professor Dr Suzana Yusup, this project was a collaborative effort between UTP and Department of Agriculture Malaysia as well as Bio-X Techno Sdn Bhd, successfully proved that organic insecticides can overcome attacks from insects such as the brown plant hoppers, locusts and other bugs.

“Farmers from the Perak Tengah district of Malaysia had suffered great losses, which affected their source of income. Thus, UTP together with the government department and the private sector took the initiative to address the issue.” Dr Suzana Yusup explained. “Organic poison does not affect consumer’s health nor damage the environment as it is made from plants in Malaysia,” said Suzana who is also a lecturer at UTP’s Chemical Engineering Department.

UTP has already applied for a patent on the biopesticide formula and she reveals their next step, “The formula will be licensed to a company before taking it further into the production and commercialization process. We are working alongside an international bio-based pesticide company with the support of the Department of Agriculture Malaysia to improve the formula and make it into a ‘one-solve-all’ biopesticide.”

Source of information & Photo Credit: WOW News