‘Let the world change you…and you can change the world.’ The famous quote is cited from the movie of Motorcycle Diaries in 2004.

The quote has inspired an amateur singer Gold Mountain (GM) to take action in order to arise public attention, with a hope that eventually it can improve the situation – the problem of cage homes in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong was elected to be one of the ten favorable living city in the world, however, the acute issue of economic inequality, i.e. the wide rich-poor gap, reveals that almost 100,000 residents are living in the appalling cage home of 6-feet x 2-feet, a 12 sqft “space”, but paying like the price per square feet of a luxury property. It is pathetic that the living quality of the grassroots is deteriorating when our society is more prosperous.

‘I am not pinpointing someone in particular… it is more necessary to raise public awareness and call for the right institutions to take the correct attention so to improve the lives of the forgotten minorities. At the golden era of industrial leap in the early years, they have contributed much to our society and are heroes to our economic growth. I respect them very much even if I am not born in Hong Kong. How can you imagine that beside the grand edifice of Langham in Mong Kok, there are thousands living in the tiny cages? Hong Kong is actually becoming the cage house where the population is segregated by background, language, money, material and hierarchy, etc.’ GM stated.

GM then composed a song and hope that acts as a window of opportunity, to talk of the town, to draw foreign media and devotees who really want to change the degrading circumstances.

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