Givology is a peer-to-peer online donation platform to directly connect donors to students and grassroots projects across the world. As a 100% volunteer-run social enterprise, Givology connects users to grassroots education projects and student scholarships around the globe. From teacher training and school lunch programmes to library construction and scholarships, it emphasizes transparency and maximizing impact for every dollar donated.

Givology is easy to use. Once registered for an account, users check out the students and project profiles on Givology through partnerships with grassroots education organizations, and post their highest priority funding needs. Once a donation is made to the user’s Givology wallet, they allocate it to the different education projects and scholarships that resonate with their advocacies.

Since its launch in 2008, Givology has raised more than USD300,000 to help over 2,800 students in 2 countries through 46 grassroots partnerships. With more than 2,600 donors, 90 global volunteers, 11 chapters globally, nd 30 core team members, Givology pioneers a new model of “crowd-sourcing” philanthropy to make the largest impact at the lowest cost.

Offcial website: Givology

Written by: AsianNGO – Issue 12: March-April 2015