Organization: Volunteer Action for Peace (VAP) / CYA Cambodia


1. Promote education for local children and students
2. Promote environmental education among young people and children
3. Exchange and share culture
4. Promote volunteer work/work camp among young and local people

Background: FEDA is based in Ksach Poy Village, near the city of Battambang in north-western Cambodia. Ksach Poy is a village of around 3,000 inhabitants, the majority of whom are young people. For the last 9 years FEDA made free supplementary education such as English classes, sport, music, art and traditional dances for young people and children from surrounding communities.

Duration: 04/08 – 18/08/2012

Website: Click Here (Search “Country: Cambodia” on top of the table)

Nature: Hands-on

Region: Cambodia / International

Source of Information: VAP’s website