Details:Supporters may take part in the following ways:
1. SHOP FOR CLOTHES Each time you purchase HEATTECH or Ultra-Light Down items, $10 million (US) of total sales will be donated to the project.

2. SHARE IDEAS: By posting your ideas, tell the judging panel how you think our resources can be put to the greatest use.

Background:The Clothes for Smiles project developed by UNIQLO and Novak Djokovic is based on a fund of $10 million (US) raised from the sale of HEATTECH and Ultra-Light Down products, with the aim of bringing hopes and dreams to children’s futures. $5 million (US)* of the $10 million (US) fund will be given to support UNICEF, and we are asking for your help in deciding how best to invest the remaining half.

UNIQLO support will initially take the shape of education-related projects in the following four countries: Bangladesh, China, Philippines and Serbia.

Idea submission period: October 16 – December 31, 2012

Deadline for submission: December 31, 2012

Idea submission link: Click Here 

Website:Click Here

Nature:Fund raising, Hands-on


Source of Information:Clothes for Smiles Project